Realforce R3 Specifications and Buyer’s Guide



The Japanese vendor Realforce released their new top-line model the Realforce R3 quite some time ago. Unfortunately, information about this keyboard is rare, incomplete or hard to understand. I’ve now tried to compile my own overview of the changes and new models, mostly based on the information from an article by GREENKEYS 1.

Additionally, outside of Japan this seems to be pretty hard to acquire, but I (Europe/Germany) could successfully order from akiba 2.

Finally, it’s quite hard to come across an English version of the manual, which is why I included a scan of my copy here.


The R3 line introduces some technological changes in all available models, such as

Additionally, there’s a new design

For those preferring the older design, there’s also a variant incorporating the technical advancements. Do note, however, that this model is not available for macOS and also only in a wired version.


The different models have model numbers matching this regex:

   sty  layout    col  loa

In order to help with the choice for style and wired/wireless, layout, color and loudness, as well as load, I’ve created a list of questions you should answer for yourself.

Decision Tree

  1. Choose your layout (layout)
    1. Region ANSI (B, D, F, H) vs. JIS (A, C, E, G)
    2. The keyboard size TKL (C, D, G, H) vs. Full (A, B, E, F)
  2. Your keys (col)
    1. Between silent (1, 2) vs. standard (3, 4)
    2. And the keyboard color black (1, 3) vs. white (2, 4)
  3. The platform (layout, again)
  4. The key pressure (load): 45g (1) vs. variable (2) vs. 30g (3)
  5. They overall style (style)

I hope that helps deciding which model is right for you!

If you are given a model number and want to decode it, or simply look for a for a full overview of all model indicators and their meanings, read on!

Full List of Options

sty(le) + wireless:


col(or) & loudness: